Sentenced To Be Tried As An Adult Black Man

Onion -- Motor City Murder

onion-news-network-IFC-1Does race still matter in the juvenile justice system?  To start the conversation I’ve attached a link to a satirical television news video from the Onion — the story of a white teenage girl whose crime was so horrific that she was given the ultimate sentence: to be tried as an adult black man (with familiar consequences.  Not to suggest humor in racially disparate treatment and outcomes, but satire can start difficult discussions or to force us to consider uncomfortable truths.  Soon, we’ll turn to the statistics, the reasons for discrepancies along racial lines, and look to examples and avenues to strengthen different facets of the juvenile justice system.  For now, however, HERE IS THE LINK TO THE SATIRICAL BROADCAST ON THE MOTOR CITY MURDERER. You can also see some initial data in racial sentencing disparities on this link to THE SENTENCING PROJECT.

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