About The Youth Forum

booksscale.jpgWelcome to The Youth Forum! This forum was created to serve as a network to help connect and support those interested in advancing opportunities for at-risk youth.  We will share information identifying risks and potential solutions for our children, focusing primarily on issues involving juvenile justice, education, and social and emotional development.  I hope to identify current events and developments, legal issues, studies and research, and shine a spotlight on volunteer opportunities and those in the private, public or non-profit sectors who are leading the way with innovative or impactful work strengthening schools, communities and the lives of our most vulnerable children.    I also hope to learn from, and share and disseminate information with, those of you out there (and there are many) who have far more insight, experience or expertise than I have.  I strongly encourage your suggestions, feedback and would welcome guest bloggers.  I am a vigorous defender of free speech rights and welcome ideas from across the spectrum — but I do reserve the right to delete racist or bigoted speech, sexually explicit content, personal attacks, harassment, libelous posts or violations of personal privacy.

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