Seeking Your Input

So many of you have far greater expertise, insight and experience than I do on a wide range of issues impacting at-risk children.  I hope to hear from you, and I intend to learn from you and share your insight and information with stakeholders who may be interested.  Please send me your ideas, input, resources and guest blogging.  I do not have all of the answers facing our nation’s at-risk children.  But I am confident that we can do better, and that many of the most troubled lives, families, schools and communities can be dramatically improved.  We and our children deserve nothing less.  

4 thoughts on “Seeking Your Input

  1. This is a great blog I am an American working in Australia for a non profit organization which supports and case manages young at risk offenders coming close to or coming out of juvenile justice system. I believe that the same problems plaguing American youth also plague Australian youth. There are racial barriers here along with huge alcohol and drug problems for the youth of Australia. We also have a problem with the parenting and the home lives of these children along with homelessness. I continue to learn and apply new strategies to my job and I will continue to read your blog keep up the good work.


    • Corey, thanks for the kind words of support. I appreciate it greatly. Please let me know more about work (or connect with me on linkedin if you like). I would always welcome ideas, insights, suggestions for blog posts to develop or pass along — all the best. Ken

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