14 year old facing near-certain life in prison without parole despite Supreme Court rulings

The United States Supreme Court, in decisions limiting sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders, recognized what psychologists have long recognized and parent instinctively learn:  the teenage brain is different.  Young offenders are less mature and experienced, less able to exercise good judgment and self-restraint, more susceptible to peer pressure and environmental influence, and limited in their ability to assist in their own defense, as compared to adult offenders.  They have demonstrated a greater capacity for rehabilitation than adults guilty of the same offense.  Kids are categorically less culpable than adults.  Despite the Supreme Court rulings, some state courts are now imposing near-certain lifelong sentences to child offenders (in comparison even mass murder Charles Manson has been eligible for many parole hearings, all denied). Below is a story of Shimeek Gridine and the sentencing decisions now being challenged.


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