The epidemic of youth heroin addiction has just become too immediate, too real and too harmful.  So today’s post is dedicated to our friends and our community who now grieve from a tragic loss — and who courageously wish to turn their loss into hope for others.  To quote others more impacted and knowledgeable than I am:  The Jordan Michael Filler Foundation – Saving our Children from Heroin, has been established to take Jordan’s fight out from behind closed doors and into the spotlight, creating awareness of this horrible addiction through scientific research, legislative reform, increased public awareness, and treatment to children whose families cannot afford it.  1.7% of Americans age 12 or older try heroin. 23% become addicted (Nat’l Institute of Drug Abuse). The number of heroin users has increased 60% in the past decade. The average dose of heroin costs $9 and, according to NIDA, “is now often one of the first drugs tried by youths interested in experimenting.”  As our friends emerge from the shock of their loss, they come together with determination to save others from the devastation of heroin by creating the Foundation.  With all of our love and support.  Donations can be made  to The Jordan Michael Filler Foundation; c/o Lisa & Tom Aronson; 2421 Shadow Creek Lane; Riverwoods, IL 60015.  Here is a link to the WEBSITE and here is link to the FACEBOOK PAGE for the Foundation.  Additional information from the National Institute of Drug Abuse is below.  Thank you.


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