The Ongoing Challenges of Juvenile Sexting

From the Indiana Juvenile Justice Blog — the Ongoing Challenges of Sexting

Indiana Juvenile Justice Blog

A 2008 survey, Sex and Tech: Results from a Survey of Teens and Young Adults, found that 20% of teens of 33% of young adults had sent or posted nude or semi-nude pictures of video of themselves. Sexting is defined as “sending sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone.”   Schools are reaching out to law enforcement for assistance, and some of these cases are finding their way into juvenile courts for delinquency proceedings.  An example from December 2013 at Avon High School is detailed here.  A newer issue, with girls in particular, is taking photographs of each other in public restrooms partially disrobed while using the restroom and then sharing these partially nude photographs with others.  Sexting: Risky Actions and Overreactions by Art Bowker and Michael Sullivan from the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin gives an overview of the sexting issue and potential responses.

In Indiana, a…

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2 thoughts on “The Ongoing Challenges of Juvenile Sexting

  1. Not an easy one, just like with most human services issues. In a nutshell, for a youth who takes pictures of another while disrobed without their knowledge or permission and that youth shows no remorse or willingness to make some form of restitution to the victim, a trip to the juvenile court may be useful for all involved. May be. Depends upon many factors.

    • Good point. There should be no one-size-fits all approach to youth misconduct. Some juvenile court judges have the judgment to identify and issue balanced, measured approaches. Others do not — there’s one in particular you may have heard about that I’ll write about next. Thanks a lot for your comments — they’re all welcome and appreciated.

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